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На английском языке

  1. A Theologico-Political Treatise by Benedict de Spinoza, trans. by R. H. M. Elwes (HTML with commentary at erols.com) .html

  2. Apology, by Plato (HTML at Perseus) .html

  3. Arcadiev M.A. Structures of time in new european music .html

  4. Aristotle Categories .html

  5. Aristotle Metaphysics .html

  6. Aristotle On Dreams .html

  7. Aristotle On Generation and Corruption .html

  8. Aristotle On Interpretation .html

  9. Aristotle On Longevity and Shortness of Life .html

  10. Aristotle On Memory and Reminiscence .html

  11. Aristotle On the Gait of Animals .html

  12. Aristotle On the Heavens .html

  13. Aristotle Posterior Analytics .html

  14. Aristotle Prior Analytics .html

  15. Aristotle The Athenian Constitution .html

  16. Aristotle The History of Animals .html

  17. Arslan, Zuhtu Taking rights less seriously: postmodernism and human rights .html

  18. Augustine De Dialectica .html

  19. Bacon, Francis The Advancement of Learning .html

  20. Bacon, Francis The Essays .html

  21. Bacon, Francis: New Atlantis .html

  22. Baladeva Vidyabhusana. Sri Aisvarya-kadambini .html

  23. Berkeley, George Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous .html

  24. Berkowitz, Peter Nietzsche: The Ethics of An Immoralist (review) .html

  25. Bernard Bosanquet The Philosophical Theory of the State (IBM-PC program at Golden Gale) (потребуется специальная смотрелка) .html

  26. Blaug, Ricardo Citizenship and political judgment: between discourse ethics and phronesis .html

  27. Braidotti, Rosi Nomadism with a difference: Deleuze’s legacy in a feminist perspective .html

  28. Buddha Four Noble Truths .html

  29. Buddha Gospel .html

  30. Burke, Edmund: Reflections on the Revolution in France (text at vt.edu) .html

  31. Bychkov V.V. Ästhetische Prophezeihungen des russischen Symbolismus .html

  32. Bychkov V.V. Byzantine Aesthetics .html

  33. Bychkov V.V. Icon .html

  34. Bychkov V.V. Russian religious aesthetics .html

  35. Bychkov V.V. Suprématisme (Apopahtique esthétique dans l’art) .html

  36. Bychkov V.V. The Art of the 20th century .html

  37. Campanella, Tommaso: The City of the Sun (text at Wiretap) .html

  38. Carey, Seamus Cultivating Ethos through the Body .html

  39. Carnap, Rudolf Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology .html

  40. Carnap, Rudolf Philosophical Foundations of Physics (Chapters 23 to 26) .html

  41. Carnap, Rudolf The Rejection of Metaphysics .html

  42. Chomsky, Noam: Deterring Democracy (1992 edition; includes post-Gulf War afterword) (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  43. Chomsky, Noam: Keeping the Rabble in Line: Interviews with David Barsamian, also by David Barsamian (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  44. Chomsky, Noam: Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  45. Chomsky, Noam: Rethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam War, and U.S. Political Culture (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  46. Chomsky, Noam: Secrets, Lies and Democracy, also by David Barsamian (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  47. Chomsky, Noam: Selected Writings. (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  48. Chomsky, Noam: The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many, also by David Barsamian (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  49. Chomsky, Noam: What Uncle Sam Really Wants (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  50. Chomsky, Noam: Year 501: The Conquest Continues (HTML at worldmedia.com) .html

  51. Clausewitz, Carl von: Principles of War, trans. by Hans W. Gatzke (HTML at mnsinc.com) .html

  52. Cole, Phillip Embracing the “nation” .html

  53. Colombat, Andre Pierre “November 4, 1995: Deleuze’s death as an event” .html

  54. Crease, Robert P. Hermeneutics and the natural sciences: Introduction .html

  55. Cremo M. Puranic Time and the Archeological Record .html

  56. Crito by Plato, trans. by Benjamin Jowett .html

  57. Crito by Plato, trans. by Harold North Fowler (HTML at Perseus) .html

  58. Cruickshank, Justin Ethnocentrism, social contract liberalismand positivistic-conservatism: Rorty’s three theses on politics .html

  59. Cyxов А.Д. Русская философия. Особенности, традиции, исторические судьбы .html

  60. Cyxов А.Д. Философ ли Л.Н.Толстой? .html

  61. Dewey, John: Democracy and Education (HTML at Columbia) .html

  62. Dewey, John: The School and Society (1907 edition) (illustrated HTML at Brock) .html

  63. Dyrberg, Torben Bech The Circular Structure of Power: Politics, Identity, Community .html

  64. Emerson, Ralph Waldo: Man the Reformer (text at vt.edu) .html

  65. Engels, Friedrich, contrib.: The Poverty of Philosophy, by Karl Marx (HTML at marx.org) .html

  66. Engels, Friedrich: Principles of Communism, trans. by Paul Sweeney (HTML with commentary at marx.org) .html

  67. Engels, Friedrich: Socialism, Utopian and Scientific (HTML at Colorado) .html

  68. Engels, Friedrich: The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State (HTML at Colorado) .html

  69. Engels, Friedrich: The Part Played by Labour in the Transition From Ape to Man (HTML at marx.org) .html

  70. Engels, Friedrich: The Peasant War in Germany (HTML at Colorado) .html

  71. Epstein M.N. New Sects: The Varieties of Religious-Philosophical Consciousness in Russia .html

  72. Euthyphro, by Plato (HTML at Perseus) .html

  73. Farrer, James Anson: Adam Smith (HTML at McMaster) .html

  74. Farrow, John: The Story of Thomas More (text at EWTN) .html

  75. Ferguson, Adam: An Essay on the History of Civil Society (text files at McMaster) .html

  76. Feyerabend, Paul The Role of Reason in Science .html

  77. Goodman, Nelson. On starmaking .html

  78. Goodman, Nelson. Ways of worldmaking .html

  79. Gutenberg text .html

  80. Heyman, Derek K. Dual and non-dual ontology in Sartre and Mahayana Buddhism .html

  81. Hinckfuss, Ian The Moral Society - Its Structure and Effects .html

  82. Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan .html

  83. Hobbes, Thomas: De Cive (text files at McMaster) .html

  84. Hobbes, Thomas: The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic (text at McMaster) .html

  85. HTML at Virginia .html

  86. HTML at Virginia .html

  87. HTML with commentary at uoregon.edu .html

  88. Hume, David Of the Origin of Ideas .html

  89. Kant, Immanuel. The Critique of Pure Reason .html

  90. Kant, Immanuel. The Philosophy of Law: An Exposition of the Fundamental Principles of Jurisprudence as the Science of Right .html

  91. Kisiel, Theodore The new translation of Sein und Zeit: A grammatological lexicographer’s commentary .html

  92. Kondrashin, Igor I. Dialectics of Matter .html

  93. Lakatos, Imre A Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes .html

  94. Lao-tzu. The Tao-te Ching (transl. by James Legge) .html

  95. Laws by Plato, trans. by Benjamin Jowett (HTML at Internet Classics) .html

  96. Laws by Plato, trans. by Robert Gregg Bury (HTML at Perseus) .html

  97. Lindstedt, David The progression and regression of slave morality in Nietzsche’s Genealogy: The moralization of bad conscience and indebtedness .html

  98. Maloney, Philip J. Levinas, substitution, and transcendental subjectivity .html

  99. Nevvajai I.D. How Is It Possible to Conceive of Being in Science? .html

  100. Nevvajai I.D. The principle of communication in the context of foundationalism and relativism .html

  101. Olkowski, Dorothea Beside us, in memory .html

  102. Orwell G. Animal Farm .html

  103. Palmer, Richard E. Gadamer’s recent work on language and philosophy: On “Zur Phänomenologie von Ritual und Sprache” .html

  104. Piercey, Robert The Spinoza-intoxicated man: Deleuze on expression .html

  105. Quine, W.V.O., Ullian, J.S. Observation .html

  106. Rebok, Maria Gabriela Civilization and Cultural Identity in Postmodernity .html

  107. Resnick, H.J. For Whom Does Hinduism Speak? .html

  108. Rodin, A. Naming as Event .html

  109. Rodin, A. Places and Times of Events .html

  110. Rodin, A. Three Concepts of Modality .html

  111. Russell B. On Denoting .html

  112. Russell, Bertrand The Philosophy of Logical Analysis .html

  113. Ryle, G. Categories .html

  114. Salter, Michael Neo-fascist legal theory on trial: an interpretation of Carl Schmitt’s defence at Nuremberg from the perspective of Franz Neumann’s critical theory of law .html

  115. Sellars W. Acquaintance and Description Again .html

  116. Sheehan, Thomas “Let a hundred translations bloom!” A modest proposal about Being and Time .html

  117. Some abstracts of International congresses on Wittgenstein's studies .html

  118. Statesman, by Plato (HTML at Perseus) .html

  119. The Genesis of a Humanist Manifesto by Edwin H. Wilson (HTML at infidels.org) .html

  120. The Philosophy of Humanism (eighth edition, 1997) by Corliss Lamont (PDF at corliss-lamont.org) .html

  121. The Republic (based on the 1892 edition) by Plato, trans. by Benjamin Jowett (HTML with commentary at Internet Classics) .html

  122. The Republic (based on the 1892 edition; includes translator's full commentary) by Plato, trans. by Benjamin Jowett (Gutenberg text) .html

  123. The Republic by Plato, trans. by Paul Shorey (HTML at Perseus) .html

  124. The Republic of Plato (1901 Collier edition) by Plato, trans. by Benjamin Jowett .html

  125. Thomas Aquinas On Being and Essence .html

  126. Thompson R.L. Cross-cultural traces of vedic civilization .html

  127. Tocqueville, Alexis de: American Institutions and Their Influence (1851 edition, 474 pages) (page images at MOA) .html

  128. Tocqueville, Alexis de: American Institutions and Their Influence (1851 edition, 528 pages) (page images at MOA) .html

  129. Tocqueville, Alexis de: Democracy in America (HTML with commentary at Virginia) .html

  130. Tocqueville, Alexis de: Democracy in America, trans. by Henry Reeve .html

  131. Tommaso d'Aquino Ente et Essentia .html

  132. Visker, Rudi Dis-possessed: How to remain silent ‘after’ Levinas .html

  133. Voltaire: Candide (text at vt.edu) .html

  134. Whewell, William: Six Lectures on Political Economy (HTML at McMaster) .html

  135. White, Carol J. The Time of Being and the metaphysics of presence .html

  136. Wisnewski, J. Jeremy Foucault and public autonomy .html

  137. Wissenschaftliche und Außerwissenschaftliche Denkformen Symposium (Moskau, 04-09 April 1995) .html

  138. Wittgenstein, Ludwig Tractatus Logico Philosophicus .html

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